Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer 301 Review, Photos, Swatches

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Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer 301

Giorgio Armani recently introduced the Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss.  Currently available in 18 shades, the colors range from soft nudes and pinks to bright red, and even a sparkling blue!  Today I have shade 301 to share with you.

Giorgio-Armani-Flash-Lacquer-301 (1)

Flash Lacquer 301 – a vibrant orange.  The packaging is divine!

Giorgio-Armani-Flash-Lacquer-301 (3)

Giorgio-Armani-Flash-Lacquer-301 (4)

The bent doe-foot applicator makes for easy gloss application.

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer 301 Swatch

Swatched: Flash Lacquer 301 is a vibrant orange with hint of red.  It has a jelly-like finish, with no sparkle.

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer 301 Lip Swatch

On my lips: Flash Lacquer 301.  While not fully opaque, the gloss still gives my lips a nice bright orange glossy finish.

Giorgio-Armani-Flash-Lacquer-301 (6)

The Flash Lacquer Crystal Shine Glosses are the newest generation in lip gloss.  Flash Lacquer has a shape and shine technology that causes the light to reflect off of every point of surface so the color pops!  Giorgio Armani claims it provices the highest reflection ever achieved, even after blotting lips.

Application, Shade and Finish

The application of the Flash Lacquers glides on easily with the slanted doe-foot applicator. The glosses vary in finish between semi-sheer jelly-like gloss with no sparkle (seven glosses) and those with an element of sparkle to them (eleven glosses).  They are both extremely glossy on the lips.  After application, even after layering the gloss seems to even itself out on the lips.

Formula and Longevity.

The formula is smooth and not sticky.  It glides on easily and builds up in color to an extent.  The scent of the gloss is nearly non-existent.  Before deciding upon 301, I had tried on shades 520 (pale warm pink) and 300 (pale peach) but found they nearly appeared clear on my pigmented lips.  I am very pleased with the pigmentation in 301.  While the gloss is not opaque I found 301 to give my lips a vibrant orange pop that was very flattering and glossy.  While the gloss is not as intense after blotting as GA states, both and the color and the gloss stay put for hours even after drinking, which is very impressive for a gloss.


Although these glosses may be classified as a splurge, if you are a gloss person this one is splurge-worthy.  They are smooth, extremely glossy, wear evenly and are definitely long-lasting for a gloss.  It is a very beautiful product!

RougeRating: 92%, A

  • Product – 9/10
  • Formula – 10/10
  • Pigmentation – 8/10
  • Longevity – 9/10
  • Application – 10/10

Price and Availability

$29 (USD), 6.5 ml, 0.22 fl oz.

What do you think of the Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquers?  Have you tried them, or would you?  The Giorgio Armani Beauty counter I visited to make this purchase said they will be receiving more shades in this line in June and again in the fall, so it sounds like we will be seeing more glosses joining this line!Giorgio-Armani-Flash-Lacquer-and-Maestro-Makeup-2

More Giorgio Armani coming soon!  I picked up the Maestro Makeup and I am currently trying it out before reviewing!  By the way, how cute is this mirrored trinket box I got from my sisters for my birthday – I love it!  I thought it would be perfect for these GA photoshoots!

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