essie Resort Collection 2013 Swatches

In essie, Nails by Angie Canning

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Somewhere at a Five-Star Resort near you, I had an amazing opportunity to work with the four-star cast of the essie 2013 Resort Collection.  These ladies performed beautifully, and despite a wardrobe malfunction or two along the way, we all had a good time!


The stars of the essie Resort Collection 2013.  Let me introduce you to each one!


Introducing In the Cab-Ana: a vibrant aqua perfect for spring and summer flings of any sort.  In the Cab-Ana is a confident and assertive shade who loves to live a bit on the edge and indulge more often than not.


Introducing: Under Where?: this spring orchid shade is innocent but coy, and knows how to get her way.  She seems to have lost something during the photoshoot which had her asking "under where?" could it be?


Introducing: Come Here!: this neon coral shade demands attention from all.  She is confident and sassy, and after being told we were not shooting at the Nude Polish Beach, she grabbed a pair of bikini bottoms from somewhere unknown and insisted we move on with the shoot.


Introducing: First-Timer: an electric green, mysterious in every light.  Calculated and strategic, she will not be taken for a fool.  Although experiencing her first time at the resort, she came fully prepared for any life emergency situation in style.  Her SPF was a lifesaver for sun-loving In the Cabana, or we might have ended up with Go Overboard on our hands!


essie 2013 Resort Collection L to R: First Timer, Come Here!, Under Where?, In the Cab-Ana


Application & Shade Details:

The essie 2013 Resort Collection polishes are vibrantly alive, and perfect to carry you through spring and summer months.  The application was very smooth and covered in two coats each.  The first coat goes on a little streaky, but the second finishes it to perfection.  It was hard to capture Come Here! and First Timer true brightness and color because of the intense sunlight we were experincing that day (;) ) so they are a bit darker than the photos above.  Think of First Timer as that perfect vibrant green you see poolside that is bright in the sunlight but even gets more vibrant in the shade.  Come Here! was the hardest to photograph because of how brightly neon coral she is.  I thought this one would be similar to Snap Happy from the winter 2012 collection, but the shade definitely has some punch to it, which makes it unique.  In the Cab-Ana has a lot more blue than the vibrant teal it appears in the bottle, so definitely think "aquamarine" with this shade, and that is what you get – simply beautiful!  Under Where? is nice addition to this collection – although it looks like it might end up being pastel, it is as vibrant of an orchid shade as I have ever seen!  


$8 each for full size, $17 each for mini 4-packs



Behind the Scenes…


3-D palm trees and a life-like beach were the perfect setting for this years Resort Collection

The photoshoot was held at the infamous E. Posh-ish Polish Resort, which is a perfect getaway for any polish who just needs a little down time, yet requires to be treated like royalty.  The resort comes fully equipped with 3-D palm trees, and it's life-like beachside atomsphere is second to none.  (Please note: Due to the recently enforced PFA (Polish Forever Act) all polishes will be searched for remover of any kind – acetone or non-acetone for the safety of all polishes.  There was a situation involving Bikini So Teeny recently, so steps have been made to ensure all polishes are safe while enjoying their stay at the E. Poshish.)  The girls sipped on mojitos while chatting it up with their idol, Mojito Madness who offered his modeling expertise, particularly guiding In the Cab-Ana with her towel placement which was quite helpful.  They ended up offending Butler Please when mistaking him for the hired help (oops!) and took a cue from Lapiz of Luxury on how to indulge in only the best during their stay at E. Posh-ish.  I think the girls did a fabulous job for their first on-location shoot, don't you think?

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