Dupe Me: L’Oreal Colour Riche Wet Shine Stain and YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain

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I wanted to do a quick comparison post between the L’Oreal Colour Riche Wet Shine Stain glosses that I recently reviewed and the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stains.  While there are only minor differences between the two products, I thought it would be a fun post, and it turns out the two I chose to compare with each other are more alike than I imagined anyway, so this was entertaining to put together. 🙂  Also, keep in mind that YSL joined the L’Oreal company several years ago, so they are already all one big and happy beauty family!  I think it is wonderful that L’Oreal created a lip product that gives their consumers a choice between a luxury-priced product, and an affordable alternative.

Both packaging is equally stunning, although the YSL does feel slightly more substantial.

The tapered applicators are very similar as well (Glossy Stain on the left, Wet Shine Stain on the right).

When I swatched these two, I was surprised at the color similarities!  On the Left – YSL Glossy Stain in #7 Corail Aquatique.  On the Right – several layers of L’Oreal Wet Shine Stain in Pink Resistance.  Pink Resistance is less pigmented, but when built up tends to pull more of a peachy pink than true pink on the lip.  YSL Corail Aquatique is more pigmented, and has visible shimmer, so when built up it is a brighter shade.

Scent.  The Glossy Stain and the Wet Shine Stain both have a very similar scent.  If you are not used to the scent of a YSL Glossy Stain, it can be quite odd (this is the biggest complaint I’ve read about in reviews.)  Be assured the gloss isn’t bad, and simply imagine yourself in a field of flowers (or a flowery perfume) and then you will love it!  I would have to say the YSL does have a slightly stronger, sweeter scent, and the scent lasts longer on my lips.

Application.  Both products are water-based and apply the same, and feel almost gel-like when applied.  The tapered tip assists in getting product all around the lips.

Finish.  Both leave a very glossy finish to the lip, especially when applied in layers.  It dries down to a nice soft sheen, and then transforms into the stain.

Pigment and Longevity.  Of the Wet Shine Stains I have tried, two have been very pigmented, and two have been more on the sheer side and required building the color up.  (Pink Resistance, and Rose on and On).  I will note with the Wet Shine Stains, the more you build it up, the more “sticky” and thick your lips will feel from the additional product.  The YSL can get this way as well, but with the one I have shown above I only need to apply at the most three coats to get the level of color I want, vs. Pink Resistance above, I applied 4 layers to achieve a color similar to the YSL swatch. (To read my full commentary on wear-time for the Wet Shine Stains, please read my review here: L’Oreal Colour Riche Wet Shine Stain (Caresse Aqua Lacquer Lipgloss) | Review, Photos, Swatches

Price Point.  The YSL Glossy Stain contains 0.20 ounces (6mL), and the price points are quite different with the YSL ringing up at $32.00 (USD).  The L’Oreal Wet Shine Stain contains .21 ounces (6.3 ml) and is priced between $8.49-$10.99 in the local drugstore (and online).  That is definitely a difference!

Overall, I find these two products very comparable, with only minor differences that would not bother many.  While I love my YSL Glossy Stain, I think the affordable alternative the company has given us in the new Wet Shine Stains is fabulous!  I think it is especially a great way to find out if you even like the formula of this type of lip product before treating yourself to YSL.

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