Shaken, Not Stirred – Drybar Hair Products Mixes Up What My Hair Craves (Even on a Sunday in Texas)

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Drybar is mixing it up in the hair department for me, and I’m having so much fun while doing it!
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Today is Sunday, which means the liquor stores are closed here in Texas.  What does this mean for me?  Well, if I wanted to make Bloody Mary’s and float in my pool all day this it means I would have to go out and purchase “modka”, a.k.a. fake vodka, to continue on with my Sunday relaxation. (Should I admit I’ve actually tried this…?)

So what does this mean for my hair?  Well, nothing actually, unless I wanted to try out my great aunt’s vodka-infused hair mask…or maybe I’m remembering incorrectly – it could be that she would sip while she was doing a hair mask.  Yeah, that was probably more like it.

So, alcohol and hair products!  I bet you didn’t think they could co-exist, but they kind of do in these fabulous products from Drybar.  With product names like “100 Proof”, “Mudslide” and “Hot Toddy” you’d better believe I’m definitely having a Sunday Funday over here, even if it is in Texas, ya’ll!

The full drybar lineup includes shampoos, conditioners, volumizers and even hair tools.  Let’s take a look at a few of the products I’ve been mixing up in my bathroom:

  • drybar Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask (small size shown) $38, sephora.com – By now you’ve probably heard my sob story about my crispy-like hair as documented here so this is one of the first products I’ve been trying to see if I can make my hair feel like real hair again.  I have to say I’m impressed!  It definitely has brought back softness and moisture to my tresses and a little shine too.  Oh, and did I tell you it smells amazing?  It kind of smells like what I think Ryan Reynolds would smell like – you know, all kinds of sexy.
  • drybar Hot Toddy Heat Protector and Frizz Fighter (small size shown) $16-$30, sephora.com – Protecting my hair from hot tools is just a necessity and this one is lightweight enough on my fine hair which is perfect.  I also feel like it serves up less frizz when it comes to blow dry-styling as well.  Oh and did I mention this one smells absolutely gorgeous as well?  (While in reality it smells just like Mudslide) this one smells just like what I think Ryan Gosling smells like.  *heart eye emoji*
  • drybar Gold Mine Shimmering Leave-In Conditioner $29, sephora.com – Did someone say gold shimmer for the hair?  As a blonde wanna-be I’m all over this for summer!  I tested it out last night before going out to dinner and while I couldn’t tell since it was dark outside and I’ll have to do another test in the light I can say it smooths over the hair, smells amazing (no sexy Reynolds here, more of a summertime tropical scent – although we definitely could go there…) and in the hands it leaves the finest shimmery glitter I ever did see – it is so.dang.pretty!  Just because it is gold don’t let that stop you – it is recommended for any hair color!
  • drybar 100 Proof Treatment Oil $36, sephora.com – A lightweight oil that doesn’t weigh down my fine hair, this oil can be used on dry hair to tame flyaways or damp hair to eliminate frizz.  The scent is very similar to my sexy-men references above but slightly sweeter.  I just love the packaging on this one too!
  • drybar Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray $25, sephora.com – Sea salt sprays and I are BFF’s during the summer, especially once we start hanging out in the pool all day.  Messy beach hair is so much fun!  I have yet to try this one but drybar says it can be used on damp hair for texture or dry hair for added grit and texture.  Again with the scent here – this one smells similarly to 100 Proof in a perfect blend of sweetness and hot-man.  I think you’ll like it, girl.
  • drybar DETOX Dry Shampoo (small size shown) $22, sephora.com – You didn’t think you could get away with all that drinking, now did you?  To the rescue, drybar’s dry shampoo has been doing an excellent job at injecting volume to my day-old flat hair and taking care of my greasy roots as well.  Ugh, and the scent.  Sexy, sweet man come hither.


Drybar at Sephora


Next time you stop by Sephora – or even shop online – check out these drybar products and let me know what you think!
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