Sticky Summer Nights Approved: Dove Advanced Care with NutriumMoisture Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

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Dove’s new Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant Deodorant has been going the extra mile for me over the past month, and although I’m sure most of us are ready to move on into the crisp fall season, summer is in full swing here in Texas – not to mention hot and sweaty football season is upon us which means I’m out in this Texas heat and humidity even more watching my boy’s games!

“Blue-22!  Blue-22!”


This new Dove anti-perspirant deodorant collection is doing the trick for me this summer, plus it has added benefits from  Dove’s NutriumMoisture formula which moisturizes the underarm skin.  The moisturizing formula contains humectants which are designed to help skin retain moisture balance over time and occlusives which form a barrier to help lock in skin moisture.  In addition the ingredients include sunflower seed oil and stearic acid which aid the skin’s natural renewal process.  Dove says within just three days you can have smoother underarms.  Put those together and I’ve got an anti-perspirant deodorant that works hard at keeping me dry and feeling smooth, which is a winner in my playbook!


Beauty Finish is softly scented and not overpowering – I love it! Sensitive has no scent at all making it a perfect everyday choice.

Switching gears from football to fashion (they go together, right?!) Dove’s Advanced Care Deodorant Spokesperson and Hollywood Stylist Erin Walsh has a few summer fashion tips that will give us a chance to show of our smooth underarms.  Read on for her tips:

Your clothes will always look better if you feel beautiful and confident in them. As a fashion stylist, I know that sleeveless can often feel scary and make women feel vulnerable or exposed; however the Dove Advanced Care product line provides softer, smoother underarms in just 3 days, so that all women can feel confident going sleeveless.

  • Trapeze cut shirts and dresses look great on every body type and are great for the summer season. Pair your top with a cropped pant that accentuates the smallest part of your ankle and a little heel – even 1 inch is perfect!
  • Try a denim on denim look this season. No need to worry about the pieces matching – anything goes!
  • An all-white look or mixed neutrals looks great on everyone. Every woman should own a nice white blouse. It’s a piece that will never go out of style, and also make you look put together.
  • Dual-purpose items are perfect for the summertime. I love boxy sleeveless shirts that hit around the hip bone. They are a throwback to the ‘60s, and are great to wear with a cute pair of cropped jeans or perfect to throw over a bathing suit at the beach. I am also a big fan of sleeveless shirt dresses and halter tops because they look great on everyone and can be dressed up or dressed down!
  • I’m not sure there are any dos and don’ts to wearing sleeveless. You can’t dictate style to someone. It’s really more about how the individual wears an item. Every fabric hangs differently and every silhouette fits differently. When you choose a sleeveless style, it should project confidence in your body stature and posture.
  • For petite women who would like to create the appearance of more broad, square shoulders, it would be better to wear a sleeveless top that highlights the collarbone. Cap sleeves can also do this for petite women. If a woman has broader shoulders, I would recommend a strapless cut.
  • My summer essentials include: sunscreen, Dove Advanced Care Deodorant (I like the Nourished Beauty fragrance), and lip balm with an SPF.
  • I think it is fun to experiment with sunglasses during the summer season. Sunglasses look good on anyone, and there are so many styles so you can buy them to match your personality.
  • When headed to the beach, I think it is fun to pair lots of jewelry with swimwear. Some people think it can get a bit hot, but I think it’s very chic! Birkenstocks and Converse are also great options to wear to the beach.
  • It’s definitely better to wear loose clothing in the summer. In addition, fabrics like silk, cotton, and linen are key for this season. It’s also important to think about undergarments, too. You don’t want to be wearing a lot of layers when it’s super-hot outside!
  • Lightweight cardigans and summer scarves are my best friend during this season. I always have them with me when I am traveling. I prefer to buy them in semi-neutral colors, such as ivory.
  • It can be nice to wear your hair up when you are wearing sleeveless – to show off your shoulders and arms. Whether you have your hair up or down though, it goes back to personal style and how you feel most comfortable. They key is to project confidence.
  • Some classic summer staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe are: a crisp white blouse, a lightweight summer scarf (I like neutral colors), and a sundress that isn’t too tight fitting. I am also a big fan of Greek/Bohemian inspired sandals – such a fun way to add style to your look this summer season!


Erin Walsh, Hollywood Stylist & Dove Advanced Care Deodorant Spokesperson

Maybe I can take a few of Erin’s tips to the football field too, what do you think?!  Please share: What are some of your favorite summer fashion tips?  Also, be sure to let me know if you’ve tried the Dove Advanced Care with NutriumMoisture Anti-Perspirant Deodorant and what your favorite scent is.  I’m loving it!

Price & Availability

2.6 oz. $4.99 – 6.49 US.  The full Dove Advanced Care line is available at mass, food and drug retailers nationwide and online at

The Dove Advanced Care with NutriumMoisture Anti-Perspirant Deodorant is available in several different scents:

  • Nourished Beauty – a floral powdery fragrance with notes of jasmine and rose.
  • Cool Essentials – a delightful blend of cucumber and green tea water florals, sandalwood and amber musk.
  • Revive – a fragrance of pomegranate and lemon verbena.
  • Rebalance – a scent of plum and sakura blossom.
  • Shea Butter – a floral, powdery fragrance with notes of shea butter, rose, vanilla and lilly of the valley.
  • Sensitive – an unscented, hypo-allergenic formula
  • Caring Coconut – a light coconut scent with jasmine floral notes
  • Beauty Finish – a scent inspired by a beautiful touch.

Also available is the Dove Advanced Care with NutriumMoisture Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant Deodorant in three scents:

  • Clear Tone Pink Rose – floral and fruity with scents of violet, rose and raspberry blossom.
  • Clear Tone Skin Renew – light floral notes of violet, lilac and rose with vanilla musk.
  • Clear Tone Sheer Touch – light citrus notes with hints of almond and coconut milk.


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