DIY or DFY Beauty?

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Welcome to “Talk to Me Tuesday” where I ask a beauty related question each week and I would love to hear what you think!  You can respond in the comments below, or via Twitter or on my Facebook  page as well (I will link each Talk to Me Tuesday post on all VanityRouge social media.) So let’s get talkin’!

WHEN IT COMES TO BEAUTY, do you DIY (Do It Yourself) or have it DFY (Done For You)?  I am big on DIY for most things in life – my husband and I did some major “down and dirty” DIY when remodeling our first home years ago, and then again while assisting with building another house, so I’m definitely not afraid to see what I can do before paying someone else to do it!  When it comes to beauty however, there are things I do my self, and things I’ve learned it is just best not to do, at least for me personally!  Here is my list!

BROWS – DIY  I actually went into a Benefit Brow Bar earlier this spring and had my brows done, and while I like how they shaped them, I really don’t have unruly brows and feel like doing some plucking here and there keeps them well-maintained and is enough for me.

HAIR – DFY.  For years I was on and off again – and mostly because I would “ruin” my own hair and then go in and have someone else fix it.  If I had a more simple hair color – like a solid color – I would most likely use a box at home, but because I like the look of highlights I’ve learned from personal experience it is best to leave it to the professionals!  Horizontal and diagonal stripes of bleached hair is certainly not attractive – trust me on that one – yikes!


Beachy waves using Philip B Maui Wowie Beach Mist


Zoya ‘Payton’ from the Zenith Winter/Holiday Collection

MANI/PEDI – DIY.  I can count the number of times I’ve had my nails and toes done on one hand: 2.  In those two ocassions I have not enjoyed the feeling of my cuticles being pushed back (or the hangnails that would plague me for days after), or how my nails were done, or the feeling of someone else working on my caloused feet.  DIY for me ladies!

BODY HAIR REMOVAL – DIY.  I haven’t taken the plunge and go for laser hair removal, so for now a razor and shaving cream it is!

MAKEUP APPLICATION – DIY/DFY?  Of course on a daily basis I do my own makeup, but what about makeup for special occasions?  I must admit I don’t go to many special occasions (okay, so maybe I can’t remember the last one I went to…) so I’m not quite sure what I would do!  There was a time in my life where I didn’t feel confident in the application enough so I liked having someone else do it, but now that I’ve learned more about it, I guess you could say I’m a little controlling in that area and it would be harder to convince me to “let go” and let someone else do it. I guess would totally have to see depending on the occasion – meeting the Queen of England?  DIY!  Meeting Justin Timberlake? DFY for sure! 😉

How about you?  Do you DIY or DFY your beauty?  I’d love to hear about it!

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