Flash Your Red: Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour by Christian Louboutin

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Flashy, Flashy

It’s all about flashing your red for the world to see, and now it’s easier than ever to get iconic Louboutin red with the new Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour.  Now available at Sephora, this color is a classic and bound to be a must-have on many vanities.


The Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour comes packaged in a box that fits over the calligraphy-style top to the polish.


The bottle is sleek and definitely demands attention on any vanity. Don’t let your eyes deceive you either – the handle is 7″ tall!

Rouge-Louboutin-10 Rouge-Louboutin-9


“The red sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to beauty what the shoes took from the nails many years ago.” –Christian Louboutin


2 coats Rouge Louboutin, no top or base coat.




Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour is easy to work with and applies very smoothly.  The polish itself does not set immediately so that going in to perfect edges isn’t an issue.  It evens out well with subsequent coats but I will caution that you should make sure the first coat is completely dry before attempting a second coat to avoid bubbling.  The opacity is top-notch with this polish, but I still went in for two coats  for good measure.  No top coat is needed because it is extremely shiny!

You might be wondering if that ginormous 7″ handle somehow detaches from the top of the bottle so you don’t have to poke anyone’s eye out whilst doing your nails, but no, the full 7″ will be there for your every stroke!  However, although the handle is long and I thought it would be awkward, it feels great in the hands and I don’t even notice it is that long when I’m working with it.  It is also lightweight enough to be easy to work with, but substantial enough to feel like you are working with a $50 nail polish.  I definitely appreciate that it feels expensive enough to match the price!

Overall I think this will be a definite must-have for Louboutin shoe-lovers, but even for those of us out there who have yet to step into a pair of Louboutins this one is definitely worth the splurge.  The packaging is divine, the formula is beautiful and easy to work with and the iconic wear-anywhere red is definitely something to get your nails on in my book!

Will you be flashing your red with Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour? Let me know what you think!

Price & Availability

$50 USD, .4 oz.  Available at Sephora Nordstrom, christianlouboutin.com, and other Christian Louboutin Beauté retailers.  This product is in high demand so you may have to request to be notified when it is back in stock at your favorite retailer.

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      Well this would be perfect for you then for sure! 😀 I do not wear red nail polish for some reason but this one is beautiful. I know the shade is not necessarily unique per-say, but the whole package is so divine, that when I want to wear a red I will use this for sure! It is such a fun experience. I can’t wait to experience more Louboutin cosmetics – lipsticks sounds exciting! 🙂

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