child perfume Extremely Rich Body Creme Review

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“child drives men wild!”

DURING OUR perfume feature this month here on VanityRouge, I wanted to share with you a few fragrance reviews, and today we are beginning with a very talked about fragrance, child perfume.  For this article I experienced the child perfume Extremely Rich Body Creme, which has the same notes as the perfume, so I am excited to share my thoughts with you on this intoxicating fragrance!

CHILD PERFUME was personally created by Susan D. Owens for her own skin in 1989 and soon after she shared her creation, thus launching child‘s journey.  In January 2000, celebrity Jennie Garth announced child perfume as “the perfume that is known to drive men wild” to InStyle Magazine.  At that moment the demand for child perfumskyrocketed, going from a hidden treasure to a well-known fragrance overnight –  and it’s own celebrity status was born.  Child perfume is “hand crafted”, which means that it is hand poured in the Child Perfume Studio.  “It is a labor intensive perfume, and because of the intricate steps involved in producing and bottling Child – a limited number of bottles are produced each year.”

“This intoxicating fragrance is known as a ‘White Crisp Jasmine Floral’ that is very bold, very romantic, very aromatic.”

Child Perfume Extremely Rich Body Creme

CHILD PERFUME is offered in both a roll on and a spray application, with the roll style being the original and most produced application because the formula is best delivered in close contact with the skin.  Also available is the Extremely Rich Body Creme, which I am reviewing in this article.  My experience with child is intoxicating, mysterious and comforting all at once.  The beginning experience is definitely floral, but as the scent melds with the skin throughout the day I find it to be familiar and comforting, reminding me of an open window with a floral bouquet on the nightstand and the scent of fresh bed linens.  The Body Creme is a soy-based mixture, giving the skin hydration with a hint of sheen, making it an ideal lotion for all over the body.  The blend of Vitamin C, Soy and Coconut Oils pamper the skin with a soft layer of hydration that I find lasts all day.  Also impressive is that the creme’s fragrance lasts all day long as well.

•  notes  •

Top: Vanilla, Lilac, Faint Magnolia

Heart: Jasmine, Tuberose, Violet

Base: Créme Musk, Rose, Mimosa

Child is not for the timid – it’s luring scent will get you noticed, and I find even myself coming back for more!

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