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Boldly Go, Make It So: MAC x Star Trek Collection Review

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Resistance is Futile.  Upon hearing that the MAC x Star Trek collection was coming in August I could almost hear the Borg Collective chanting in my head, I knew better than to resist.  I’ve been into Star Trek since college when my husband got me into watching Star Trek The Next Generation to begin, and then over the years we just kept watching each subsequent series as they came out, often binge-watching entire series over a weekend just for the fun of it.  I’ve never been an original series fan (sorry Captain Kirk fans!) but I love most all of the other series and get giddy when I see new movies and series coming out (I can’t wait for January 2017!).  One aspect I’ve always loved about Star Trek is that it promotes understanding and respecting cultures and genders.  It also pushes the limits of what is humanly possible not only with technology but the very basis of society.  “Live long and prosper” is just the tip of the iceberg.  Okay, enough gushing about my love for Star Trek and let’s get onto makeup!

MAC x Star Trek Collection

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, the franchise collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to release an out of this world collection that just might convert you into a Trekkie just like me if you keep reading this post.  With swirls and textures, metallic glints and full on sparkles I’m totally into the pieces I picked up from this collection.  Let’s take a look!

MAC x Star Trek Collection

I’ve seen some criticism regarding the lack of unique packaging for this collection, but after seeing it in person I actually love the simplicity.  The satin black accented with the shiny chrome Star Trek logo looks classy, yet satisfies my inner Trekkie.  Sure they could have gone over the top with glitter packaging, or even offered each piece in a celestial color rainbow, but I think it could have gotten too juvenile too quickly, so I’m definitely a fan of this packaging! Pictured below, you can also see that the lipstick tubes are shiny chrome on the inside and the inside of the boxes are shiny silver with the Star Trek logo which is a nice change up from the regular packaging.

MAC x Star Trek packaging

Strange New Worlds – Trip the Light Fantastic Powder

MAC Strange New Worlds

Trip the Light Fantastic Powder is a product MAC describes as “a face powder that transforms skin upon contact”.  As per my usual selections with face products, I chose the warm/peachy shade of Strange New Worlds and to be honest I wasn’t quite sure until it arrived how exactly I would prefer to use it – just on the cheeks as a blush or dusted on key parts of the face to warm things up a bit.  Turns out I prefer using it on my cheeks as a sort of blush/bronzer combo.  The shade is very warm, and actually surprisingly pigmented so that it can easily be used as a blush with just a few extra swipes, or I can use it lightly just to add a bit of warmth layered under another blush.  Although it has sheen, it is not shiny like a highlight so I don’t mind dusting it around the perimeter of my face as well, much like a bronzer, but just as an accent since this shade isn’t really as rich as I’d want a bronzer to be.  There are two more color selections of this Fantastic Powder – Luna Luster which is a “sheer wash of soft rose shimmer” and Highly Illogical which is a “sheer wash of golden plum with fine pearl”.  As I type up these descriptions I’m thinking to myself that I just may need to check out Highly Illogical because it looks so gorgeous – plus it reminds me of one of my favorite races in Star Trek – the Vulcans – and I love me some Spock!

MAC Strange New Worlds Fantastic Powder

Strange New Worlds indeed.  Seriously, is there a small planet in there?

MAC Strange New Worlds Trip the Light Fantastic Powder Closeup

 Strange New Worlds closeup

The Naked Time Pressed Pigment

MAC the Naked Time Pressed Pigment

There are four pressed pigments in this collection, and although I was drawn toward the green in Bird of Prey, and was tempted by the deep blue in Midnight I went with a safe option that I thought could be utilized anytime.   The Naked Time is a “taupe pearl with sparkle” and it is absolutely gorgeous on the lids with a simple winged liner and a dusting of Wedge or Soft Brown in the crease.  The sparkle is intense but it is smooth, not chunky, and in application I prefer to pat it on top of my lid to avoid fallout, which works beautifully.  On top of a primer it lasts all day long for me and that sparkle doesn’t stop!  I wouldn’t say there is much color in this one at least the way I apply it, but in general although it is described as a taupe pearl I see more of a cooler toned gold.  I have to admit I’m intrigued by the warm and rusty shimmer of To Boldly Go, the fourth shade from this collection and I’ll have to let you know if I decide to pick that one up.

MAC The Naked Time Pressed Pigment Closeup

The Naked Time Pressed Pigment

Star Trek Lipsticks – Where No Man Has Gone Before // LLAP

MAC x Star Trek Lipsticks

There are four intergalactic lipstick shades in this collection and I chose the two I felt would be most wearable for me.  Where No Man Has Gone Before is a lustre lipstick formula that is described as a “pink with gold pearl”.  This shade is my favorite of the two because although it has a metallic sheen, it isn’t over the top and the soft pink color really comes through.  It is a perfect way to inject a hint of metallic that is so hot for fall.  Because of the lustre formulation it doesn’t last long on my lips – about two hours, and there are instances where I felt like it started to collect along the inner edges of my lips after the two hour mark.  It is also not particularly hydrating, but that said I love the color and I don’t mind the lustre formula so it’s a go for me.

LLAP is the next shade I purchased, and to be honest I had to google what LLAP meant.  Live Long and Prosper – of course!  I started to feel like my trekkie-ness was slipping away from me when my husband pointed out that LLAP isn’t a term that is even used in Star Trek series (or books) and has been developed on social media and on fan gear like t-shirts, etc. so I felt better, even if I’m not hip to the latest catch phrases out there.  That said, LLAP is described as an “icy rosy champagne” and is in MAC’s frost formulation.  Although I was nervous about wearing a frost lipstick I didn’t feel like it accentuated lip lines, was more moisturizing than I thought it would be and lasts longer than the lustre formula on my lips.  I like to wear LLAP along with a pinky nude lip liner and it is gorgeous.  Of the two I feel like Where No Man Has Gone Before is a bit more wearable for me – even during the day, while LLAP is a little more flashy and what I would wear for a fun night out.

There are two more shades offered in the collection – Klingiton which is a “deep purple with fine pink glitter” in the frost formula and The Enemy Within which is a “neutral gold shimmer” also in the frost formula.


MAC x Star Trek Collection Swatches

MAC Where No Man Has Gone Before Lipstick Swatch

Where No Man Has Gone Before on the lips

MAC LLAP Frost Lipstick Swatch

LLAP on the lips

Enterprise Studio Nail Lacquer

Enterprise Studio Nail Lacquer

Three nail lacquer shades are part of this collection – Skin of Evil which is a yellowish green with black chunks, and Holladeck which is a gold sparkle.  Although all shades were tempting I went with Enterprise which is a silver chrome frost.  The application is straightforward with this one.  It goes on easily with one coat and I didn’t feel like it was streaky at all.  I did not top it with a shiny topcoat because I like the muted silver that it dries down to, so for extra shine I would recommend a top coat.  If you don’t have a silver chrome nail polish in your collection I would go for it!

MAC Enterprise Studio Nail Lacquer Swatch

1 coat Enterprise on top of a base coat, no topcoat

Makeup Look

MAC x Star Trek Collection Where No Man Has Gone Before Lipstick

On the lips: Where No Man Has Gone Before (Lustre)

MAC x Star Trek Collection Makeup Look

On the lips: LLAP (Frost); Eyes: The Naked Time Pressed Pigment (Soft Brown in the crease); Cheeks/Face: Strange New Worlds

There are two more releases from this collection that I did not purchase – four shades of Lipglass that coordinate with the lipsticks as well as metallic liquid eyeliners. Overall I am very pleased with every product I purchased from the collection.  I don’t remember having this much fun with a collection in quite some time with MAC so even if you aren’t a Trekkie yourself, I would highly recommend looking at this collection even just for the gorgeous metallic shades you can play with this fall!

What are your thoughts on the MAC x Star Trek collection?  Does it have you saying “Make it so!”?  Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  I’d love to chat about it!

For a true space-like setting, as if they were beamed outside of the Enterprise, the products in this post have been photographed setting on top of a print of the Orion Nebula photographed in space.  I find it absolutely breathtaking!  See the full image from the print I used here. Want to take a few minutes to be blown away by the beauty of outer space? See this link to visit more images here on the NASA website.

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