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Can a little Hollywood rub off on this Midwest-turned-Texas gal?  When deciding to begin my Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick journey (yes this one is my first!) I dove right in with a lovely nude shade in  Pure Hollywood.  If I’m being honest, most liquid lipsticks I’m not 100% sold on, but I’ve heard such good things about ABH that it was a must! Let’s take a look:

Pure Hollywood Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick packaging – the packaging looks and feels high quality in the hands.  I like the rose gold accent and the contrasting chrome top.

The ABH Liquid Lipsticks are marketed as rich, long-wearing matte liquid lipstick that are non-drying.  Most liquid lipsticks I have tried are the opposite of hydrating, so I was curious about the brands claims, and how well it would wear on the lips.  Wearing liquid lipstick is much different than wearing regular lipstick from a tube, and although it is in a tube much like lip gloss it is really nothing like lipgloss once it sets on the lips – so in other words you wouldn’t want to get those tubes mixed up!  Before testing I searched for tips in the beauty community, or what I’ll call “liquid lipstick application best practices” that I’ll also share with you below.  But first, let’s look at a few swatches:

Pure Hollywood Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Swatch

“Pure Hollywood” Liquid Lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills.  This shade is described as a “pale mauve nude”

Pure Hollywood is true to its shade description – a pale mauve nude.  On my fair complexion it is a cool-toned pale nude, so it isn’t something I feel is a “wear anytime” type of shade.  I’ve seen so many swatches of this particular shade and it definitely is a chameleon, looking like a completely different shade on different skin tones, so I would recommend seeing it in person if you can before purchasing.  In application I found it was fairly easy to apply directly from the applicator, although if I had chosen a more vibrant color such as red or bold pink I would most likely use the help of a lip brush for more precise application.

Pure Hollywood Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid LipstickOn the lips: ABH “Pure Hollywood”

Although I am actually quite behind on my exploration of liquid lipsticks, I can say of the ones I have tried, Anastasia Beverly Hills version is impressive.  The liquid lipstick sets into the lips after a couple of minutes and the result is a matte finish that lasts several hours through eating and drinking, and surprisingly does not feel drying on my lips while I wear it.  Although I wouldn’t say the liquid lipstick accentuates the texture of the lips, it doesn’t mask it like a smooth lipstick with sheen, so keep that in mind if you are sensitive to “lines” in the lips (which don’t bother me).  It seems to wear off fairly evenly, wearing from the inner part of the lips first, and lasting several hours.  I do want to note, that although I do not experience excessive drying on my lips during wear, for a couple days afterwards my lips tend to need more hydrating so I have to apply extra balm during the day or wear hydrating lip products.  I thought it was a fluke so I experimented again, but I got the same results – during use they only feel slightly dry, but they definitely feel dry for a couple days after wearing it.  Tell me if you experience this too!

Liquid Lipstick Application Tips

Because liquid lipstick is a different breed that what you’re typically used to in a lipstick or a gloss, you may need to take extra steps to make sure you don’t have a less than ideal experience!  If you have dry lips, try moisturizing when you first begin your face and eye makeup, so that the balm absorbs into the lips.  Just before application I like to dab off any excess, and then go straight onto the lips with the applicator.  Liquid lipstick is opaque and covers in one swipe so I make sure I don’t layer the product on my lips because I’ve found it will make the liquid lipstick break down too quickly if I’ve layered it.  Finally, I do not press my lips together until the liquid lipstick is dry!  This is a hard one since I’m used to doing that with regular lipstick, but trust me if you don’t press or rub your lips together it lasts so much longer.

Overall I’m impressed with Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick formula and I can say I will definitely try more shades, especially bolder ones!  I’ve got a few more brands I want to try out in my liquid lipstick journey – like Jeffree Star and Colourpop.  Be sure to let me know if there are other brands out there with amazing liquid lipstick formulas and I will put them on my lip list!

Are you a fan of liquid lipsticks?  What are your favorite brands?  Do you have any tried and true application tips?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!
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