All the Ways to Follow VR!

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I wanted to be sure to share with you the ways you can follow VR so you can be up to date with the latest posts & news here!

By Email – To directly follow this blog through email, you can click on the words “follow VR by Email” in the sidebar on the front page.  There, a popup screen will allow you to enter your email address, and it will send out an confirmation email to that address.  You must confirm that you authorized this subscription, so be sure to check your email, click on the link to confirm & there you go, you are following by email! 🙂  You will receive on email per day (right now I have it set up to publish around 8pm or so), and in that way you can see all at once everything I’ve been working on that day! 🙂

RSS Feed – Just what IS an RSS feed?  It simply means Really Simple Syndication, the real definition sounds a lot more complicated than that, so we will stick to what it has been known by here. 🙂  It basically means that blog content is published and sent out as a “feed” at a certain time each day with new content I have added to this blog.  I did not know this for a long time and didn’t know how to use it at first, but if you click on the icon that looks like this:  then you will be directed to a page that looks like the screen grab below.  You can then choose your “reader” which as you can see from the list below, there are many to choose from.  I am used to Google Reader, so that is what I use.  You also have the option to follow by email through this screen as well by clicking on the envelope icon.  If you have many blogs to follow, viewing them in a reader like this makes it easy to follow everyone without having to look up every url!

Bloglovin’!  You can also follow VR on Bloglovin’!  Bloglovin’ is also like an online reader where you can organize and follow your favorite bloggers! Please click here to Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

Flipboard (iPhone app) -If you are on the go a lot, and like to keep up on with your favorite blogs, I recently discovered an app for the iPhone called “Flipboard”.  In this app you can find blogs by category, depending on your interests, or also add the blogs you follow in your Google Reader.  It is a very cool app where you can simply flip through each post, click to enter it, and then flip through it some more.  Super cool!  Plus, you can add your Twitter account if you are on that so you can flip through your feed as well.  Here is what it looks like, as posted on my Instagram account:

Facebook/Twitter – I also announce my posts throughout the day as I put them up, so if you are on Facebook, and like my page you will see the content I publish on your wall.  I also posts clickable links on Twitter so you can click through to that post if you happen to be on there.  I also do this on Instagram, but their links aren’t clickable. 🙁

So I think those are the main ways to stay connected to VR so you do not miss a thing!

Have a beautiful day,


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