7 Hair Products for Damaged and Winter-Dry Hair

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Love, Your Hair

Your hair might be a little grouchy after pulling through a tough winter, and even if you don’t currently have the warm fuzzies for the dry and damaged hair you’ve been left with, it’s time to give your hair a little spring TLC, and in doing so I promise your hair will love you back!  Today I’m sharing some of my favorite hair products to nourish, smooth, add shine and pamper my hair:

Who wants hair like Jennifer Aniston’s?  Let me rephrase that – who doesn’t want goddess hair like Jennifer Aniston?!  If you were Friends-addicted like I was in the 90s you always secretly wished to have the oomph and wow factor Jennifer sported back then, and still does to this day as the celebrity face of Living Proof.  Once experiencing the Restore line from Living Proof I haven’t looked back!  Here are two of my favorite products to condition my dry locks:

Can’t get away to the tropical destination your little heart desires?  I promise you (or at least your senses anyway) will be transported to that magical island once using the Awapuhi Ginger line from Organix.  The scent is amaaazing!

Nature’s Way Organic Pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – It’s no secret there are many beauty uses for Coconut Oil but using it as a hair mask is my favorite!  While I do not find it gives my fine hair moisture, it certainly does give it shine, so after using a hair mask I like to do a “gloss treatment” with Coconut Oil.  Using it a couple times of month gives my hair an excellent boost of shine, plus the scent experience is like none other!  Hint: always look for “virgin” or “pure & unrefined” coconut oil if you want to experience the coconut scent!  Versions that are “expeller pressed” do not have any scent.

Sonia Kashuk Couture Shower Cap – Big hair problems, then this one’s for you!  Upon experiencing the Sonia Kashuk Couture Shower Cap last year I couldn’t believe how BIG it is, and I love it!  Big enough to fit in the thickest and longest of hair, this one is definitely a keeper, and at only $4.99 it is a steal!  It is softly lined with terry cloth on the inside, but I also love that it is reversible, so I can wrap up my hair in a mask, and put this shower cap on while I relax and wait for my hair to finish “marinating”!

I’d love to know some of your favorite products to nourish and pamper your winter-worn hair.  Please share below!

Special thanks to my 11 year old son who crafted the cocktail umbrella (pictured above) out of origami paper last night, watching a YouTube video and working on it for over an hour.  He ended up getting frustrated because he “wrinkled” it but I think it’s perfect and I told him I would use it wrinkles and all! 😉  Hooray for family blog post participation! 😀

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