5 Face and Body Products for Dry Skin Relief this Winter

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Winter can be rough on a body!  Try these 5 products to get some relief!

Winter is great.  She brings us all the joy of the holidays with laughter and fun, where we let loose for a few weeks and indulge (and indulge some more).  We get to pull out our winter coats, scarves and fluffy Cookie Monster sweaters and you finally get to pull out those adorable over-the-knee boots you snagged on clearance at the end of last season (you go girl!).  But as the winter goes on (and on) it can be a little more than rough on a body and this my friend, requires an intervention!  Dry patches and flaky, itchy skin aren’t my idea of fun times, so today let’s take look at skincare products to cleanseexfoliatemoisturize, and protect that cranky winter skin!  Are you ready for relief?  Let’s take a peek:

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Dry Skin relief products

{In} the shower

» SEPHORA COLLECTION Bamboo Charcoal Exfoliating Body Sponge | $14 US, Sephora.com  is an exfoliating sponge with deep-cleaning properties to smooth the skin.  The bamboo charcoal helps draw out impurities to leave the skin feeling smooth and is recommended for weekly use for a spa-like experience!

Editor’s Note:  The sponge expands to nearly twice the size and the texture is exfoliating without feeling scratchy.  The teardrop shape and small rope handle make it easy to grip and use.

» SOFTSOAP Fresh & Glow Hydrating Shower Cream | $3.49 US, target.com  New this month, Softsoap brand has two new body wash products available at mass retail, drug and grocery stores.  The Fresh & Glow Hydrating Shower Cream is made with 100% real extracts from milk, coconuts and almonds and leaves the skin feeling soft without any residue.  Also available Fresh & Glow Exfoliating Fruit Polish.  To see all of the collection, visit Softsoap here.

Editor’s Note:  The tropical scent of coconuts is amazing in the shower and I love the formula.  Softsoap is one of my favorite affordable body wash brands and I love this new scent!

Dry Skin Relief Products

{after} the shower

PAULA’S CHOICE RESIST Weightless Body Treatment with 2% BHA | $25 US, paulaschoice.com This chemical exfoliant is a must-have for banishing a multitude of skin sins like acne breakouts, Keratosis Pilaris and anti-aging as well.  Dealing with dull and flaky winter skin?  The salicylic acid softly exfoliates the skin to reveal hydrated skin underneath.

Editor’s Note: One of my all-time favorite body products from Paula’s Choice I use the RESIST Weightless Body Treatment after I get out of the shower on my legs, torso, back, arms – you name it year round!  In the winter it helps to exfoliate dry and itchy skin while in the summer it is the perfect exfoliant to use in between self-tanning sessions.  I also (still!) deal with body acne so it helps immensely with that as well!

EXFOLIANTS FOR THE FACE:  While the Weightless Body Treatment can be used on the entire body (including the face), you might still be looking for a product specifically targeted to exfoliate the face, and these are my favorites:

Dry Skin Relief Products

{after} the finishing touch

» PAULA’S CHOICE Clinical Ultra-Rich Moisturizer | $30 US, paulaschoice.com  is like an oasis in the Sahara for reactive and very dry skin.  The 100% fragrance-free formula soothes the skin with antioxidants and rebuilds the skin’s protective barrier, providing relief of stubborn dryness on the skin.

Editor’s Note:  While I personally deal with oily and acne-prone skin I have been using this to control the dryness on the tops of my hands due to the cold weather and I am amazed at how light it feels on the skin and that it doesn’t feel greasy.  I also applied it to my face and was impressed with the smooth texture and that it seems to really meld with the skin.  It really does look velvety-smooth as PC describes.  If you need dry skin relief, this product will be something you will want to experience first-hand!

» STEAMCREAM Natural Moisturiser  | $17.50 US steamcream.com  With new tins released several times a year, it is hard to resist starting a STEAMCREAM collection, and when the formula inside is so good as well, you might as well give in!  Oatmeal, orange flower water, almond oil and cocoa butter combine to nourish the skin without any greasy residue.  To celebrate the new year, STEAMCREAM has released the Hichiriki & Shou (as shown above) limited edition tins.

Editor’s Note:  STEAMCREAM is one of my favorite daily rituals, especially during the winter.  I use it on my legs before I get dressed for the day and I love its earthy natural scent!


What skin-saving products do you turn to when facing Winter’s Chill?

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