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Let’s Go Glamping! 15 Beauty Essentials for Camping

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The weather is warming up and I’m ready for outdoor adventure!  Taking in nature, exploring the wild blue yonder and slowing down to appreciate the little details – I love a good camping trip, but I also love makeup.  So tell me, do the two go together?  When packing for our latest family cabin camping getaway this past weekend I was going to pass over the shiny makeup cases displayed on my vanity, but then I paused for a second and thought, “Well maybe I do want to pack a bit of makeup!”

While everyone has their personal level of what they feel is “acceptable” makeup-wise for any number of life’s events – going to the gym, a soccer game, PTO meeting, a night out on the town – I think makeup can have a place in every situation.  That said,depending on my mood my makeup-wearing can be loosely be translated as “whatevs” much of the time, yet this time I ended up packing a few beauty items that actually worked quite well during my outdoor excursion.  Not only that, but I discovered I missed a product essential that I wished I would have brought with me (and paid the price for later!).  So today I’m sharing my top 15 Beauty Essentials for Camping.

Camping Friendly Beauty Checklist

15 camping essentials beauty

My Camping Beauty Essentials: Makeup


1. SPF for the face – I like to use two different types of SPF – one for face and one for body because it works best with my oily and acne prone skin.  My favorite is Paula’s Choice CLEAR Ultra-Light Daily Mattifying Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF 30+.  Choosing a face SPF that works well for your skin type and will hold up to the type of activity you’ll be doing that day is ideal.  There are a myriad of amazing SPF choices from Sun Bum, Supergoop! and Neutrogena that you can opt for as well.

2. BB or CC Cream – I know I don’t technically need foundation coverage to wear for the alligators and bull frogs during my camping excursions here in South Texas but adding more SPF coverage is ideal when spending time outdoors.  My favorite for both in the wild and in the city is the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream.  I was surprised that even after taking a dip in the lake it stayed on my face the rest of the day!  If you are worried about making sure you don’t burn when outside the rest of the day and you don’t want to rub more SPF lotion on top of your BB Cream, Supergoop! has an amazing SPF makeup setting spray that I also used on this trip and it works beautifully – see more here!

3. Multi-purpose Palette – I knew my contour couldn’t even compete with the chiseled features of our resident raccoon (okay he lived beneath the cabin), yet I still wanted to bring a hint of color from an easy-pack multi-purpose face palette like the Paula’s Choice Blush It On Contour Palette that I could quickly use to add some bronze to my skin, a little flush to the cheeks and a pop of highlight on the lids in lieu of an eye shadow.  Nothing special, super simple, yet it brought a little life to my face which was perfect for those campfire selfies!

4. Angled Makeup Brush – I only wanted to bring one makeup brush on the camping trip so I chose an angled one like this Sephora Professional Angled Blush Brush #45.  I was able to use it to bronze and blush and it worked perfectly.  You might wonder why I didn’t bring an eye brush – well my friend I was roughing it a bit after all so I just used my fingers to add a pop of the highlight shade from the palette on my lids and voila! I’m ready to hit the trails!

5. Mascara Minis – This is a product I’m including in this post because I know that some cannot go without mascara – even when in the most primitive parts of the planet!  I suggest packing one of your mascara minis like these, and if you are going to get super sweaty or get wet pack a waterproof version for good measure.  I actually ended up not wearing the mascara I brought along but I had it just in case.

6. Lips – As I mentioned above there was a product I forgot and oh boy did I need it!  I forgot to pack an SPF gloss, which I definitely paid for in the three days following my return from our camping trip.  Lots of nourishing balms and soft lip scrubs later, my lips are finally back to normal, but they are begging me not to forget it next time.  Paula’s Choice Anti-Aging Lip Gloss + Broad Spectrum SPF 40 is my favorite because of the slight tint and because it is glossy, which makes it great for every day use as well.  If you are looking for a simple balm try one of these from Neutrogena or Shiseido.

7. Spot Treatment – If you are acne prone like I am you will appreciate this addition to your makeup bag – Paula’s Choice CLEAR Daily Skin Clearing Treatment 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide.  I’m not even getting into the entire skincare line I brought on my trip (it’s a must no matter where I go!) but remembering a blemish treatment is a necessity, since acne always wants to join in on the outdoorsy fun!

8. Cute Zip Bag – Of course you could just throw all of your beauty essentials for camping in plastic zip bag but nothing screams glamping like a cute “I love not camping” bag from Ann Taintor.  Or try some of these plaid selections from Sonia Kashuk or Madewell.

15 camping essentials beauty and hair

My Camping Beauty Essentials: Hair

9. Dry Shampoo – Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean your hair has to hide away under a hat 24/7.  I strategically curled my hair the day we left and brought this Batiste Dry Shampoo to freshen things up the next day so I could put it up in a curly ponytail.  Don’t get me wrong, hats are also a great idea, because you just might decide to go canoeing with your sister, bring along your hat and then have it fall off into the swamp water when you’re navigating through the brush!  Of course it will be worth it because you will get a good laugh and you’ll be chuckling about it with each other as you sip over beers when you’re 75.

10. Clear Hair Ties/Elastic – These disposable hair ties from Goody are my favorite during the summer – they literally go with any outfit, they are easy to use to create cute messy buns and they come in a variety of sizes which makes it handy if you are doing a quick side-braid before you head out horseback riding.

11. Leave In Treatment – If you have curly or frizzy hair, bringing along a leave-in conditioning treatment is a great idea to freshen things up a bit.  I used the John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner after showering (as I usually do) and then used the clear hair elastics to separate my hair into several small twisted buns on the top of my head so when I woke up in the morning I had natural curls.  I then used the leave-in conditioner to freshen up the waves a bit in the morning when I took my hair down.

12. Brush – A wide tooth comb or a brush that is easy on wet hair is definitely a glamping essential!  The Wet Brush Squirt is so easy to use on my fine and easily tangled hair, plus it is easy to travel with because it is so small.  Hey, I’m sure even Rapunzel would have packed a brush in her glamping bag too!

15 camping essentials beauty body products

My Camping Beauty Essentials: Body Products

13. Bug Spray – I’m going to suggest a few products that are no-brainers when camping, such as using some sort of bug repellent so you don’t become a mosquito’s main course for the weekend.  I’ve finally found an effective bug spray that doesn’t stink to high heaven, Cutter Skinsations has a fresh/clean scent, and although it is packaged in a pump top which can be kind of a pain, I actually like that it is more controlled rather than inhaling a huge mist of bug spray when using aerosol versions.

14. High UVA/UVB SPF for Body – I know I’ve already mentioned the SPF I use on my face above, but I like to use an aerosol version on my body.  The Banana Boat Sport Performance Cool Zone not only has a high SPF rating of 50+ it is made to be swim, splash and sweat resistant which is perfect for all outdoor adventuring!

15. Body Wash – Again with the obvious here – a body wash is definitely necessary when you’re trying to wash off the swamp water after capsizing your canoe at the water’s edge while trying to get in, or if you just need to feel clean after a long day of hiking, biking and boating.  This one was perfect on my recent excursion: Softsoap Fresh & Glow Exfoliating Fruit Polish.  I just love the scent, the natural exfoliation from the apricot seeds and I love that it so inexpensive at the drugstore!  Here are a few more of my favorite budget-friendly bodywashes from Nivea and Neutrogena

So there you have it!  My top 15 beauty essentials when you’re in the wild and roughing it for a few days.  Although I admit I could have survived without some of these products, many worked quite well and I know I will be putting it on my camping list in the future!  In the end, even this self-proclaimed beauty junkie who loves refined cosmetics that smell nice and make me feel pretty, discovered there is a place for a little glam in the wilderness out there.  I hope this list helps you out a little out there on your little adventures.  Stay wild and stay beautiful, friend!

Do you have any beauty essentials for camping that you like to pack?  I’d love to know your must-haves and what you won’t leave home without – comment below or chat with me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or SnapChat.  Want to save this list for later?  Here’s an image to Pin so you can visit later!
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