Zoya Zenith Winter Holiday 2013 Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

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“Zenith” – ZOYA Winter/Holiday 2013 Collection

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN an enchanted winter wonderland and the mystery of the cosmos, I find myself mesmerized by Zoya’s upcoming Zenith collection for Winter/Holiday 2013.  Available October 1, 2013, this collection is filled with must-haves for this season and beyond.


“Enter the color cosmos with this new collection of six perfectly harmonious nail polish beauties by Zoya.” 

ZENITH consists of six icy/galactic shades: Payton, Cassedy, Seraphina, Dream, Mosheen and Belinda.  Below are photos and swatches of this stunning collection – be sure to let me know which shades transport you to into the cosmos!




Cassedy is described as a “Celestial Pewter Metallic”


2 coats Cassedy




Dream is described as a “Deep Space Blue Halo”


2 coats Dream




Payton is described as a “Galactic Cranberry Halo”


2 coats Payton




Seraphina is described as a “Polaris Silver Metallic”


2 coats Seraphina



Belinda-Zoya-Zenith-Winter-Holiday-2013Belinda is described as a “Cosmic Purple Metallic”


2 coats Belinda




Mosheen is described as a “Astro Ice Blue Topper” great for layering over other hues.


3 coats Mosheen over bare nail


2 coats Mosheen on top of Polaris


2 coats Mosheen on top of Dream (left) and Cassedy (right)



ZOYA WINTER/HOLIDAY Collection for 2013 is an intense, dimensional and reflective collection that not only satisfies the galactic geek in me, but also has me wistful for crisp winters, icicles, and the holidays.  Five of the six nail lacquers are full coverage, although in the above photos I applied two coats.  They go on smoothly and evenly  and I did not experience any problems with any of the shades.

Mosheen, the topper, is a beautiful holographic glitter topper that adds an amazing dimension on top of any polish.  I think it is my favorite on top of Polaris – the holographic white goodness reminds me of snowflakes and stars!

The foil metallic finishes of Polaris and Cassedy are one of my favorites from Zoya.  The formula is so easy to work with and the smooth metallic finish is breathtaking.  Cassedy is a true pewter shade – flashing from deep grey metallic with a very slight glint of green now and then.  Polaris is probably the most stunning foil metallic white I have seen – it looks so soft and feminine – and the best part is that it is fully opaque with two coats (nearly unheard of for a white!)

Two lacquers in this collection have me dreaming of galaxies far, far away: Payton and Dream.  Both polishes have a full-coverage jelly like finish with mega dimension, making it look like you have stars on your nails!  Payton has to be my favorite of the two – her intense cranberry red is so deep against the flicks of metallic glitter – I love it!

Belinda is a purple metallic that has a small amount of dimension in the form of purple and a few pink flecks of shimmer.  This one is the least dimensional of the collection, but it applies with perfection so if you need a good true purple in your collection look no further!

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  1. Oh wow, definitely one of the more exciting collections I’ve seen this year. I think Dream and Payton are gorgeous colors…I had wished Mosheen would have looked on the nail as it did in the bottle – that lovely blue. The metallics are also gorgeous. Beautiful job on your nails, as always, Angie.

    1. Author

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this collection is amazing! The combination of the finishes they chose along with the shades is perfection – I’m not embarrassed to say I got shivers when swatching this one! 😉 😀

  2. Wow! Incredible photos, I need them all. I adore Belina! So stunning. Also loving Payton! That first photo is incredible!

    1. Author

      Hi Taylor! Thank you! 🙂 This collection had me “oooo-ing” and “ahhh-ing” at every stroke. I am simply in love with it – it is so hard to choose just one in this collection, right?! 😉

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