Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Volume 3 Ariel Edition by Sephora Review, Photos, Swatches

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The Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Volume 3 Ariel Edition by Sephora “Dare to Dream”

The Storylook Volume 3 Ariel Edition by Sephora tells a beautiful and magical mermaid tale of Disney’s Ariel and all of her adventures.  The palette is filled with 20 eyeshadows capturing significant moments in time during the film.  If you loved The Little Mermaid as I did as a child (and if you fancied yourself a red-haired-singing “mermaid” of sorts as I also did) then you will definitely want to look at this beauty.


The Ariel Storylook Eyeshadow Palette looks like a beautiful book.


“Treasures Untold” at the bottom of the sea!


The drawer on the side of the “storybook” pulls out by a small silver tab on the box.


The eye shadow palette comes out of the soft velvet box, so you can use it to store other items, or even put in small makeup brushes in the bottom if you wanted to travel with this (although I think mine will be sitting on a shelf for display between uses to be honest!) 😉




The Ariel Palette contains 20 bright and brilliant shades that are each inspired by and formulated to match the hues from the film, The Little Mermaid.  Some of the scenes are so vivid as I read each one – like the smoke during Ursula’s finale – can you hear her cackle?! (Unfortunate Souls), or Ariel’s first breath of air when she gets her legs (Sick of Swimmin’) – boy, I think I need to go watch The Little Mermaid all over again just to re-live it!  Below I have swatched each shade and included description to the scene in the film it was inspired by.


Blue Lagoon – The moon shimmering on the lagoon (shimmering blue); Scuttle – Ariel’s skintone while talking to Scuttle (shimmery pinky beige); Flounder – Flounder coming out of the water (matte nude); Sebastian – Sebastian’s face (matte coraly pink); Flotsam – Flotsam in the shadows (deep blue charcoal)


Sea Shells – Ariel’s sisters singing (shimmering ivory); Les Poissons – Chef Louis’ bloodthirsty shadow in the ‘Le Poissons’ scene (dusty satin mauve); Caspian Sea – Light reflecting through the water on Atlantica (shimmering rich turquoise); Your Voice – Ursula striking a deal with Ariel (glistening silver pearl); Unfortunate Souls – The smoke during Ursula’s finale (matte lavender grey)


Atlantica – The shimmering turquoise colors of Atlantica (shimmering sea foam green); Fins – Ariel’s fin under the sea (glittery mermaid green); Sick of Swimmin’ – Arie’s first breath of air with legs (shimmering opalescent); Ursula – Ursula’s skintone in the shadows (pearly purple); Sha La La – Fish chorus singing to Ariel and Eric (matte dark fuchsia)


Triton – The King shooting his triton (shimmering gold) ; Wanderin’ Free – Ariel imagining herself with legs (shimmering pink champagne); Sea Witch – The Sea Witch in all her power and glory (pearly violet); Treasures Untold – Glistening water from King’s triton (opalescent pale pink)

Ariel Storylook Palette


The Ariel palette is my first and only Storylook Eyeshadow Palette by Sephora, so I unfortunately I do not have the other two palettes to compare this to.  I was honestly not quite sure what to expect before swatching and working with this palette, but I happy to say I was pleasantly surprised.  The eyeshadows I found to be quite pigmented and creamy for the most part.  The palette consists of mainly shimmery shadows, a few containing glitter, and three matte shades.  The strong shades in this palette are definitely the mid-tone shades that are shimmery.  They are easy to build up and apply with minimal effort, and some almost feel creamy and blend well.  I really like the extra duochrome dimension in Flotsam, Jetsam, Ursula and Sha La La – it is just enough to add interest, but not over the top.  The shades containing glitter Your Voice, Fins, Sick of Swimmin’ and Triton do have quite a bit of glitter, so using a primer, patting it on the lids, and protecting the face from fallout is ideal.  Blue Lagoon is one of those in-between matte and glitter shades, but it behaves well especially when using it with a primer or a damp brush (for a liner).  The matte shades Flounder and Sebastian are a great addition to the palette to be used to highlight the brow, and Unfortunate Souls matte purple shade would look beautiful to blend out the other more shimmery Ursula-inspired shades in this palette.  My personal favorites in this palette are: Les Poissons, Wanderin’ Free, Scuttle, and Caspian Sea.  I wore these eyeshadows on top of a primer, to bring out the color more as well as to assist when keeping the glittery shades in place on the lids.  I experienced a small amount of fading when wearing the glitter shades by the end of the day, but the other shades did not fade.

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      Hi Rica! I am the same way when it comes to wearing color! There are several shades in this palette that are very wearable too, though, so I can see myself using this more often, and mixing it up a little in the color department as well. 😉 It really is a beautiful palette – definitely look into it! 🙂

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