Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion Makeup Review

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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Lotion Makeup

Sally Hansen’s new Airbrush Legs Lotion in a tube formula had me interested because I have been a big fan of the aerosol spray version for several years now.  I was curious to see if it performed the same or better.  I am in love with the look the Airbrush Legs products give to my legs, but I must confess I don’t stop there when I am in an emergency “I need color NOW!” situation, so I love to use it on my arms, chest and neck to get a little color as well.  Read on for my full review, with before and after photos.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup in Light (2)

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup in Light


The new formula is smooth and easy to rub in, and more lotion-like than it’s spray can sister.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup in Light Swatch

Light Swatched

Sally Hansen Leg Makeup Before



After: applied to arms, neck and chest (face is bare).  I did not build up the color too intensely, but it gives my skin a nice very convincing tan glow in real life!

The Airbrush Legs Lotion is designed to smooth-on perfect legs in an instant.  The product is a lightweight leg makeup that instantaneously hides imperfections and smooths legs for a flawless looking finish.  It contains Palmaria Extract which is an plant extract containing antioxidants.  This is a waterproof product that is easy to blend with no streaks.  Keep in mind this is makeup for the legs, so it does not permanently tan or leave a stain and can be washed away with soap and a washcloth (quite a bit of scrubbing is required to get it off.)  As I mentioned, I like to use this all over my body in instances where I need some color fast (not enough time to self-tan), at the beginning of the season, or in between self-tanning sessions. Oh did I mention it does not stink?!  And it does not stain your hands?!  Yes, pretty amazing…

Consistency, Application and Finish

The consistency of the Airbrush Legs Lotion is a bit on the thin side, but is still manageable.  I found it easiest to put approximately a quarter size amount in my hand, rub my palms together and then apply in circular motions until it is blended in.  Keep in mind since this is makeup you will need to prep your skin just as you would in applying foundation to the face as needed – moisturize and let it set for a few minutes and take care of extra dry patches.  The lotion is buildable, and you can easily see when you have applied too much and blend it in.  The product stays very workable for a few minutes, but if you find you over applied simply go back in with a moisturizer to blend it out.  The finish this product leaves on the skin is semi-matte.  There is no sparkle or glitter (thankfully), and it leaves a very smooth finish on the skin.  If you have a lot of moles as I do you will notice they appear a little dulled, (although not covered up obviously) because the pigmentation of the lotion covers them up a bit.  I have leg veins (thank you, family genes-ugh!) and this does a great job of masking them so I feel more comfortable in shorts.  The feeling on the skin is very lightweight and I do not notice any tackiness.  It dries very quickly, but I would advise waiting until it is fully dry before dressing.  This product has no scent.


Just as I had experienced with the aerosol version, this product is waterproof, and even lasts on my oily skin until I remove it.  I have been able to wear it at the pool, get in and out of the water, use a towel to pat dry (no rubbing!) and it is still in tact.  In fact, I have even slept in this and my “tan” is still intact in the morning.

Clothing Transfer

Although this lotion is waterproof and does stay on well for me I have noticed when I wear lighter clothing (especially white!) that the lotion will rub off onto the white throughout the day, even if I do allow it to fully dry before dressing.  It does wash out of my clothing in the laundry, and while it doesn’t get messy or transfer to any shown part of the clothing item I am wearing while out and about, seeing that brown stuff on the inside of your favorite white pants is a little unsettling!  I personally would not want to wear my most expensive white clothing piece when wearing this lotion (on legs or body).  I prefer to stick to colored clothing pieces with this product.


I will give a word of warning, if you are prone to acne on your body and you choose to use this product on areas other than just your legs as I do, you may wish to remove it nightly anyway (just as you would in removing your face makeup after a long day) to avoid breakouts since this is essentially body makeup.  To remove this product I use soap and a washcloth, and always have to scrub for it to even move. It removes fully and no stain is left behind.  You may notice after initially applying the product that your hands pick up a lot of the product, and are quite dark at the end, but do not fear!  It too washes out with a little extra scrubbing and soap so you do not have stained palms.

How does it compare to the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray Makeup?  I found this to apply and blend more easily.  With the spray version I felt the need to mix in a little lotion, but with this product I do not feel the need.  The finish is the same to me as well, just as much pigmentation and leaves your legs looking flawless.  Love it!

RougeRating: A- 

Application Tips

  1. If your skin is rough, consider exfoliating before use.
  2. If you need to moisturize your skin, wait until fully dry before applying the Airbrush Legs Lotion
  3. Blend well.  (Since it is just like makeup.)
  4. If you get too much in an area use a little moisturizer to blend it out.
  5. Allow to fully dry (only a few minutes) before putting on clothing.
  6. Enjoy your new “tan” and sexy legs!

**Please note this does product not contain SPF.  I would advise using an SPF-containing lotion before application to protect your skin.**

Price and Availability

Price varies upon location, between $11 – $15 (USD), 4 fl oz / 118 ml.  Available shades: Light, Medium, Tan and Deep

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  1. I’ve loved the spray for years, but it’s about time they made this in a lotion form! I used to mix the spray with lotion so it would blend more easily. I’m so excited they improved an already awesome product!!

    1. Yes it is so convenient this way! 🙂 I don’t even need to use a lotion with this one. I hope you like it too!

  2. I love it!! Is it harmful to use everyday? Also can you use it on your face?

    1. Author

      Hello Mary. I do not think it is harmful, as it seems like it is basically a foundation product for the legs/body. You might want to check the ingredients to verify if you are sensitive to anything. I have not tried it on my face, but I would be hesitant to do it personally because I am acne prone. I hope that helps! 🙂 I’m glad you like this product too!

  3. Hey! I live in Norway and was wondering if you know where I can buy this product? 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Emilie! I am sorry but I do not know where you could purchase it. I am in the US, and we can find them at our local drugstores as well as other retail locations. You might try your local stores to see if they carry it. I am sorry I am not familiar with stores in Norway. Sorry I cannot be of much help.

  4. Hey! I’ve been using the aerosol version and though it seems matte indoors I notice an evident shimmer on my legs when i’m out in the sun. This has been the only downside to this product for me! does this lotion have any glimmer to it in the sun?

    Thanks for the post 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Tracy! I did another test with it today at my son’s football game, wearing it on my legs, and I did not notice any shimmer. I really blended it in and did not go for a heavy application and even when my legs were in direct sunlight I had to really look closely to see any flecks of shimmer – definitely not something that looks obvious at all. 🙂 I hope that helps you out! 🙂

  5. I love this product. Works very well all over the body. But the only problem I have is wen putting it on my arms on the inside where my arm bends it never stays there. So I have like a huge circle with some product on it. Is there anyway to keep the product there?

    1. Author

      Hi Jessica! I have found as long as I exfoliate well, do not use moisturizer before application and also make sure my skin completely dries before I try moving around that helps. Maybe try applying it to your arms last so you can let them fully dry? I also try to rub it in extremely well so that no excess product builds up. I do have very oily skin so I’m not sure if you have dry skin if these tips will work. Good luck though – I still love this product as a finishing touch when I need my skin to look good! 🙂

  6. This product is Dynamite! I WILL NOT leave home without it!!!!!!! An A Plus product!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Author

      That’s awesome Helen! It is still a must for me, especially during the summer months. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week!

  7. .my friends have always always always commented me on my legs especially in the summer time. Not that I have long sexy super model legs (at all), but they always say……your legs are so shiny and supple looking………..well, it’s because I use this lotion. There is NOT a better product on the market, if you want your skin moisturized and toned. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lotion, and I’m here to tell you, it really makes your skin look and feel beautiful.

  8. I noticed the spray always rubbed off on my dress or if my legs were crossed, it will leave a sweaty mark.
    Does the lotion blend in like regular lotion without rubbing off?

    1. Author

      Hi there! When I use the spray or the lotion, I found if I make sure my legs are not freshly moisturized (just lightly on my knees/ankles) and then take care to really rub in the product so that it sinks into the skin it works well and doesn’t rub off. I always have transfer when I’m wearing white shorts or clothes though so if I do wear white I make sure it’s washable! 🙂 I hope that helps you out! I’m getting excited that spring is just around the corner – I need to start using this again! 🙂

  9. I LOVE this lotion! It stays on for days even in the shower as long as you don’t scrub. Only bad thing is when I Jazzercise it comes off on my socks. I wore it on my arms and chest too and got so many compliments- the lotion is very matte. It has washed out of all of my clothes. I hate the smell of self tanner, so this is the best thing I have every found. Now I see they make face makeup! Going to have to try that out too!.

    1. Author

      Hi Laurie! I’m so happy you like it too! It is definitely my favorite summertime product and you are so right – it doesn’t come off as long as you don’t scrub and it doesn’t stink like self tanner! It can’t get any better! 🙂 Let me know what you think of the face version when you try it! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week – Angie

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