MAC By Request 2014 Lipstick, Lipglass, Eyeshadow Collections Available Now

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Let’s Bring It Back

I’m all about the 90’s – the music, the clothing (holler if you wore floral shortalls!), and now M•A•C is bringing back the makeup! Hundreds of thousands of M•A•C Facebook Fans voted for the return of their favorite rare shades of Lipstick and Eye Shadows from the 90’s, and now is your chance to get them exclusively online before they disappear forever!


The Top-Voted M•A•C Lipsticks from the 90s: #1 Pink Poodle (391,741 votes) a vivid fuschia pink #2 Hoop (642,613 Votes), a midtonal rosey-pink #3 Glam (313,038) a vivid bright pink-red


M•A•C’s special surprise is new matching Lipglass to go along with the Lipstick: #1 Pink Poodle By Request (vivid fuschia pink), #2 Hoop (Midtonal rosey-pink), #3 Glam (Vivid bright pink-red)


M•A•C By Request Eye Shadows: #1 Fiction (muted green shimmer) 24,376 votes #2 Diesel (cool grey frost) 23,687 votes #3 Butterscotch (matte warm beige) 23,570 votes


 Were you a fan of any of these shades in the 90s?  If so, let me know if you have any 90s memories that go along with your favorites.  Let me know if you will be picking up anything from this collection!

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  1. Hey, this is right on a topic I was going to ask you about! I love your orange-toned lips lately, so I went to try some on for myself, but everything I tried turned out so milky and unlike me. Do you have any faves?

    1. Author

      Hi Holly! I’m glad to hear you are experimenting with orange! You might have to play around a little to find exactly the shade of orange that you are comfortable with and that flatters your skintone, but don’t worry – it will be fun! 😀 I personally prefer bold orange-red shades all year round, and then I love to wear more of the peachy-orange shades in the spring/summer as well. Are you looking more for a shade that is a vibrant red/orange or would you prefer to wear a peachy orange (creamsicle-like) shade? If you want something very vibrant and you don’t want to spend a lot to experiment look into the Maybelline Vivids in either Vibrant Mandrin or Electric Orange (one reviewed here: ) I have a few limited edition MAC ones I love that are more on the peachy/orange side but I will search my collection for you and see what else I can come up with! In addition, I definitely love the new MAC Patent Polish Lip Pencils, and I find the shade Revved Up to lean toward the peachy side of things but it can be build up a bit – they are new so you could check your counter to see if that is enough orange for you.
      Sorry for the late reply – I will get back to you with more suggestions asap! 🙂 Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll definitely try the Maybelline color out. 🙂

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