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essie New Luxeeffects Sparkle on Top, Jazzy Jubilant Review


• essie new luxeeffects •

essie has added two new luxeeffects to their collection – a collection of polishes perfect to add a little spice to your manicure anytime!  Today I have a review and swatches of these two additions, sparkle on top and jazzy jubilant.


sparkle on top (top), jazzy jubilant (bottom)


jazzy jubilant is a “chromatic confetti-like glitter”. 


2 coats jazzy jubilant.


sparkle on top is a ‘luminescent and holographic sparkle’


1 coat sparkle on top

• review •

jazzy jubilant is a multi-colored hexagonal glitter in a clear base.  The base is not as thick as I would like, so it takes at least two coats to get enough glitter on the nail (to my liking anyway).  Because of the consistency of the base it is also harder to place the glitter exactly where you want it.

sparkle on top is a gorgeous ‘cellophane’ like topper that reminds me of faux snow.  The clear base is quite thick – thicker than any other topper I’ve experienced before.  It almost feels like jelly when applying, but surprisingly this makes it easy to work with, and the payoff is amazing – you get lots of sparkle with one coat!  I love the haphazard shapes of some of the glitter – simply gorgeous to top off any polish!

Because these are both intended to top another polish, below I’ve swatched sparkle on top and jazzy jubilant on top of essie’s where’s my chauffeur (Winter 2012)


2 coats jazzy jubilant and 1 coat sparkle on top


I have to say I’m loving sparkle on top – a beautiful frosty winter sparkle!

• shop essie luxeeffects •

If you are curious how essie’s shine on and sparkle on top compare, I have photographed them side-by-side for you:


sparkle on top (left) and shine on (right)

sparkle on top has more holographic blue/purple/white reflects while shine on has more of an orange/golden/green reflective quality.  Also, shine on does not contain the larger chunks that sparkle on top does.  Both are very pretty and give a similar effect to the nail, but the size of the glitter as well as the reflective differences make them unique to each other.


Overall, I think these are fun additions to essie's luxeeffects Collection.  I find I prefer sparkle on top, and I would definitely recommend it, but if you are willing to work with jazzy jubilant, it is a festive option as well!


$8-$8.50 US, available at,, Nordstrom.

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  1. Jessie says:

    Jazzy jubilant looks so pretty in the bottle! No as impressive applied, still pretty though. I wonder what happened to Essie’s Shine of the Times. I didn’t think it was limited edition, but I never see it in stores anymore, and I never did get to try it :-(

    • Angie says:

      I agree totally about Jazzy Jubilant – too bad the base wasn’t a little thicker so the glitter was a little more prominent! I didn’t think Shine of the Times was LE either, but I don’t see it listed in their regular collection for these top coats, so it may have been LE! I would say this one is very similar though – so definitely give it a try! :)

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