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The BeautyBlender most certainly isn’t the newest makeup tool on the block, and I’m most definitely not the one who discovered this revolutionary way to apply makeup (it won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award in Tools for four years!) – but finding and experiencing it myself certainly makes me feel like shouting from the rooftops at how amazing this product is! (Needless to say I am excited to share this post with you. ;))

BeautyBlender 2-pack and BlenderCleanser Solid

The BlenderCleanser Solid

The BlenderCleanser is a 1 oz. solid bar cleanser meant to be a travel-friendly way to clean your BeautyBlender and other makeup brushes.

 Inside the container is the circular shaped cleanser as well as a “drip tray” that keeps the soap elevated so you can drain out any excess water.

The size of the solid cleanser in my palm.

 BlenderCleanser Solid.  Since this is my first BeautyBlender purchase, and also my first cleanser purchase I decided to go with the travel-friendly solid version to start off with, after my friend Janna from Gloss and Glitz shared her video on How to Clean the BeautyBlender with the Solid BeautyBlender Cleanser.  I really like the concept of a solid cleanser, and find it is easy to use.  I do find the cleanser to be very soft, easy to pick up with the dampened sponge, and also easy to work up a good lather to work through the sponge to cleanse it.  I usually have to go back in a few times, work it into the BeautyBlender, rinse and then repeat especially for more stubborn stains.  The bar gives just enough lather to work the stains out, but not too much that you are rinsing forever!  It is the perfect balance.  So far I am really liking this solid, and even used it for a few of my brushes and it works great!  If you are concerned about bacteria getting onto your sponge and/or brushes after rubbing them directly into the solid cleanser, just give it a rinse or a wipe after using it to remove the outermost layer.  I will have to see how long this lasts for me, but so far it is a winner!  The scent of the solid cleanser is very soap-like and fresh smelling.  There is also a liquid version of this cleanser if you prefer that to the solid.

Size comparison between dampened BeautyBlender (left) and dry Beauty Blender (right)

Size comparison between dampened BeautyBlender (left) and dry Beauty Blender (right).  It certainly gets large!

BeautyBlender.  I actually just got this in the mail on Friday and within two days have already used it a total of six times, experimenting with different foundations (and re-doing some of my before and after shots in foundation reviews just so I could get the finish the BeautyBlender gives!)  I am so crazy, right?!  I cannot help it – I love the flawless and even finish I get with this, and it is so incredibly soft to apply your makeup with – it is almost relaxing!

How I Use It.  I dampen the BeautyBlender using running water, and then gently squeeze out the excess (I also use a clean towel to squeeze out the excess so I can be sure my nails won’t poke into it).  I dot foundation onto different areas of my face and then use the bottom end to stipple it all around, alternating and using the sides and the tip as well to get into all areas of my face.  I have also been using it to blend out lighter consistency concealers and/or brightener under my eyes (using the tapered end) and also find it performs well with heavier, full coverage concealers like the L’Oreal Crayon Concealer on my face.  Because it is a sponge, it does absorb some product, but I do not feel any more than a brush would, and certainly less than using a latex (or non-latex) makeup wedge.  The BeautyBlender is said to last approximately 3 months before needing replaced.

Overall…I am absolutely loving this product!

Have you tried the BeautyBlender?  What do you think of it?

Where To Buy:
Sephora, $19.95 for one, $25.95 for two.  Also check Amazon for reputable sellers with high ratings.  I was able to get a great deal on the BeautyBlender duo (I purchased the cleanser separately).

BlenderCleanser Solid: This product may be in-store at Sephora (it is not online right now) but also can be purchased from for $15.95 each.  You can also check Amazon as well.

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    1. I love these sponges but haven’t got one yet bc of the price tag. I know it’s worth having too haha that cleanser bar looks really neat though. I know what a pain it is so get rid of makeup residue on sponges. You have to literally squeeze out over and over again… *too much work* whew~

      1. Yes, I can totally relate! The price tag held me back for so long as well, but I couldn’t resist after hearing Janna gush about it! I think it is worth it. You can get the new black ones also – they would be awesome for your kit! 🙂

    2. FABULOUS review Angie! You nailed it! I am loving the fact that you’ve used it so many times and it’s only Monday haha!! Funny I just finished cleaning mine and once again I’m so impressed at how it comes out like new! Those tougher “stains” do take a little more effort but well worth it. I am so so happy you are loving it this much! I wonder what the pro (black) one is like.. hmmm.. haha!! xoxo janna

      1. Thank you Janna! A big thank you for recommending it too! 🙂 I have been so impressed that it cleans out so well! That is one of the reasons I totally went for it after watching your cleansing video because I just thought that they didn’t come clean (many of the videos I saw on YT showed girls saying that their BB doesn’t look new anymore because it is “old”.) I understand they wear out but now I know it is possible to get them all the way clean, and that convinced me! 🙂 Yes I too was looking at the black one…Hmmmm! You should do a comparison! I have heard people say the white one is more stiff and not the same as the pink, so I wonder how the black one compares. 🙂 Might be worth the review!

    3. Great review!! I have been dying to try this forever after trying the Sonia Kashuk knock-off and really liking it…I can only imagine how much more I will LOVE the actual BB sponge if I liked the harder, denser knock-off THAT much! 😛 

      1. I would totally recommend trying this one out for sure! 🙂 I had purchased other knock-offs that were hard as rocks (lol!) but never did try the Sonia Kashuk one so I do not know how it compares. This one is sooo soft and blends amazingly. You should do a comparison post if you do decide to try it out! 🙂

    4. These are looking so cute Angie….Love ur pics….So bright n beautiful 🙂

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